The worst thing to happen to an iPhone user is to spend a great deal of money on a wonderful gadget that they cannot live without and then have it break. With the entire control over of the phone on the touchscreen, it can be a real problem when the screen breaks. The question becomes, what can you do about it?

The good news is there are some options available. The bad news is that they are not all cheap. The screen of the iPhone is tough and made to last, but it cannot withstand everything. The first option is to go to Apple for your iPhone repair. If you are in the one year, manufacturer’s warranty, you may be in luck. If not, it is going to cost a service fee. Those are $199 for a four gigabyte and $249 for an eight gigabyte iPhone. Even then, Apple may not be able to repair a touchscreen. If it breaks due to normal wear, they often can supply options to you.

Another choice is to repair the iPhone yourself. This can be tricky. The iPhone is a complicated little device and it will certainly void the warranty to repair it yourself, but it can be done. The tools and repair iPhone parts run about $150 to $200. There are several third party companies out there that will repair the iPhone for a fee. There are also many tutorial videos out there on how to replace the iPhone touchscreen yourself.

A third choice is to make sure that you have insurance prior to any problems with the iPhone occurring. This obviously requires foresight that may now not be an option, but if it is, consider insurance to help pay for repair or replacement of your iPhone should something happen to it. Insurance can get difficult as many phone companies are not inclined to insure them as they are likely to get broken at some point or another, but credit card companies may offer insurance options for iPhones. It is worth looking into that option before something happens and it is a costly repair.

Our phones are becoming out lifelines and since so much of the technology and functionality is wrapped up in the touchscreen, it is important to have options should you need to repair the iPhone or the touchscreen. A little planning can save a lot of money later on.