Having problems with your PlayStation 3? Does it fail to turn on or do you have problems with the LED screen? Whatever the problem is, it can be fixed nonetheless. There are a variety of PlayStation3 and Xbox services that can be found all over the world.

If you are having problems with your Xbox like it freezes in the middle of a game or flashes the Dirty Disc Error on the screen you may have a DVD drive problem. It is high time you cleaned your DVD drive to solve this. You can buy a CD/DVD cleaner; it looks like an ordinary CD but has a set of small brushes that can clean the lens of your DVD drive. You can also change the laser in the DVD drive or adjust the Potentiometer on the laser. If none of these work, you can always replace the DVD drive or have it repaired by a professional.

If your console has a video display problem, like it flashes red and orange colors, check the cord. You can also change the cables. If it tries to boot three times and starts flashing green and red colors, it is possible that you have a failed modchip and broken traces. You can repair this by changing the modchip. If none of this works, you must fix these problems by having the motherboard and hard drive fixed or replaced.

If your console fails to power on you can have it repaired through PS3 and Xbox repair centers. This is usually due to power supply failure and includes wire problems that can be a bit confusing if you are not a technician. Hence, it is better to have it repaired.

If it locks up, it can be due to overheating and the need to clean the console. Heat and dust must be removed so the console will function properly. You can buy a console cooling kit to blast out the heatsinks. You must clean off the dust using compressed air. Do not spray it with liquid, as this will cause more problems and worse damage. Pay attention to the air holes in cleaning the console. You can opt to have the cooling fan of the console run faster by replacing the standard power source with a higher voltage. Remember to carefully open the console when cleaning and put the pieces back correctly.

These are some of the common problems of the PlayStation3 and Xbox. If more problems arise, it is advisable to have it undergo a diagnostic test in a repair center to fully eliminate the problems and have the console repaired by a professional.