Toledo, Ohio

Toledo, Ohio

Address: Franklin Park Mall (Center Court)
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Toledo, OH 43623
Special Offers:   30% off all accessories with a repair.
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iPhone Repair, Cell Phone Repair & Screen Replacement Toledo, OH

At Fixology Cell Phone and Electronics Repair Toledo, Ohio we can repair all models of iPhone. Common repairs include broken or cracked screens, display issues and water damage. Many times an iPhone repair is quick and inexpensive, especially when compared with buying a new iPhone or extending your wireless contract.

Cell Phone Repair & Screen Replacement Toledo, Ohio

We can repair most common cell phone issues quickly and professionally. Other common cell phone repairs we offer include water damage, charging issues, or damage from a drop.

Fixology Cell Phone and Electronics Repair Toledo, Ohio is the one-stop-shop for all kinds of problems related to iPhones. Whether it is screen replacement, change of glass or any other form of repair, we can skilled technicians experienced in the same. We ensure that we give you a timeline when we take up repairs of iPhone glass, so that you do not have call us repeatedly.

When a damaged device comes to us, we look at either executing the repairs immediately or within 24 hours. We truly believe in the concept of reliable and quick solutions, which have helped us reach our current level.

iPhone screen replacement is done by us only with genuine parts. You can be assured that these parts have long lives as per company specifications. Similarly, batteries and charging ports also have equally long lives.

iPhone repair is not as easy as it sounds. A significant amount of knowledge and skills are required for the same. Not every technician can work on iOS, but we can.

Tablet/iPad Repair & Screen Replacement Toledo, Ohio

We have experience repairing all the major and minor brands of tablets, and can even service less popular manufacturers as well. We repair using our own proprietary methods using best-in-class tools and veteran technicians with years of experience

It naturally hurts, and we completely understand so, when your iPad breaks. Therefore we try to ensure that your pain is short lived, and so we provide expert services for iPad screen replacement in Toledo. Whether it is a case of broken screen, non-functional battery or display issues, our experts possess the knowledge and expertise to fix them all.

All the prices fixed for iPad repair in Toledo are done with you in mind. Whether it’s an iPad air, iPad or iPad Mini, we ensure that only the best and original parts are fitted into your device. While you are present, we can also perform diagnostic tests to ensure that your device is functioning in an optimum manner.

Our goal is to make sure your iPad or other device is fixed as soon as possible, so that you can go on for the day without interruptions. And we make every effort possible so that this can happen.

Broken/Cracked Cell Phone Repair Service Toledo

Suffering due to the broken screen of your cell phone? We have the perfect solution for you, in the form of broken cell phone repair at Fixology Cell Phone and Electronics Repair Toledo, Ohio. Our expert professionals can repair all models of cellphones available in the market.

The cell phone screen is one which tends to break fairly easily, as an average phone is normally dropped several times. Whenever we are in the middle of a meeting or suddenly step out of the car, there are high chances of the phones falling out from our pockets. Understanding this problem, we provide screen repairs for cell phones at highly affordable costs.

It is not that we fix only the cracked phone screen. We also undertake other kinds of repairs for phones such as broken charging points, battery issues and keypad changes. In most cases, repair jobs are completed within the same day. Just in case we are unable to do so, we will let you know.

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