Game System Repair

Fixology repairs Xbox 360’s (red ring of death, E-74, No Video, dvd drive problems including open tray, disc read error, and tray not opening). We also fix PS3 yellow lights of death. In addition, We repair PSP, Wii, and Nintendo DS systems.

Fixology provides a complete solution for any problem. We provides Fast, Professional and Friendly service, we warranty all of our repair work, we do “Modding” and we resell used Xboxs.

XBox 360 Repairs

Looking for a fast affordable solutions for your Xbox 360 repairs? Fixology can handle most repairs the same day you accept the quote. Meaning we can have your system fully repaired and warranty covered within the same day we receive it. Our customers appreciate the worry free fast reliable service.
Xbox 360 repairs As low as $26.95
90 Repair Warranty Included

PS3 Repairs

There are many issues that arise that end up needing Playstation 3 repairs. This is best done by a qualified technicians with experience in the PS3 console. We service all YLOD otherwise known as yellow lights of death issues. We have been successful when others have not when repairing the delicate PS3.
Playstation 3 Repairs As low as $49.00
90 Repair Warranty Included
Wii Repairs

Though the Nintendo Wii does not have as many issues as some of the larger video game consoles. It is definitely not without fail though. Common Nintendo Wii repairs include – stuck disc, cracked casing, and objects not made for the Wii inserted in the console. These are just as troublesome as the red lights on the Xbox.
Nintendo Wii Repairs As low as $29.95
90 Repair Warranty Included

Handheld Repairs

Nintendo DS
The problems that commonly occur with handheld portable game consoles can be a pain. Most common Nintendo DSi repair being the cracked screen from dropping the handheld console. these are very delicate repairs as the parts are very small. We have mastered the handheld repair industry through hi-tech testing and tools.
Handheld Console Repairs As low as $22.00
90 Repair Warranty Included


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