Global Franchise OpportunitiesWe will provide our master license holders with the training and support necessary to grow the Fixology Cell Phone and Electronics brand in their country while providing consumers with world class customer service.What is a Master License?

Master Licensees have exclusive ownership rights to grow and manage the Fixology Cell Phone and Electronics brand throughout one or more countries; thus becoming the franchisor of the brand. As a Master Licensee, you will have full responsibility, with our support, for adapting the Fixology Cell Phone and Electronics concept in your country. This will include granting franchises as well as training and supporting local franchisees.

Discovery Day Tour

You will be invited to our headquarters to visit with our management team and franchisees to experience our company culture and visit our stores.


Our Master Licensee’s receive the same comprehensive training as all of our new franchisees, plus additional country specific and franchisor training topics and resources.

Within the first year of operation (and before the Master Licensee begins to offer franchises), we will provide supplementary training that will cover hands on field support, franchise development, franchisor financial management, how to build the infrastructure of a franchise company and many other topics.

Opening Your Fixology Cell Phone and Electronics Flagship Location

The flagship location is the first Fixology Cell Phone and Electronics location in the country and is owned and operated by the Master Licensee. This allows the Master Licensee to receive valuable hands on experience, learn the business and begin to develop a team of support personnel for when the company transitions to granting franchises. Throughout this entire process, our corporate team is providing the Master Licensee with additional support, training and guidance.

Becoming the Franchisor of the Fixology Cell Phone and Electronics Brand

After successfully operating the flagship location and receiving franchisor training, the Master Licensee shifts focus from running a single location to growing the Fixology Cell Phone and Electronics brand in the country. Our corporate team is there every step of the way to provide continual assistance for the life of the business.

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