Accidents can happen at any point of time. And the worst part is that every time accidents snatch some good things from us. How much you love your precious iPhone? Don’t we get annoyed if a single scratch is found over the screen of our iPhone? In fact, we cannot imagine of any damages on our iPhone. The obvious reason behind such mindset is that iPhone is precious, expensive and one of the most desired electronic gadgets in these days. But, the pity is even if we are very careful with our iPhone, even expensing for the quality iPhone casing to save it from damages due to sudden drop, accidents still happen. Most of the times, screen of the phone faces the damage, as it is the shock sensitive and literally bare part of the phone.

So, what should we do if our iPhone screen is damaged? Well, you can go to the service center, where you have to outlay a good amount of money to replace the damaged screen or LCD of the phone. Alternatively, you can go for the local repairing shop, where you may end up with low satisfactory work. None of these options seem quite effective in this case. However, do not get worried as some effective solutions are still there and this article is all about unleashing those solutions. Through simple DIY (do it yourself) method, you can get cost-effective, yet satisfactory results. For this, you need to have some tools, which are widely available into the market.

So, here you will find a list of top iPhone damage control or recovery tools. Have a look on them:

Complete iPhone Repair Kit

To get started with, this is the perfect set of tools that you require to repair the damages that have been done to your iPhone. This is a complete set of 11 effective tools that can be used to repair various parts of iPhone. The provider also caters a video manual for the users so that they can learn and get familiar with these tools quickly. Also, a replacement glass is included into the kit. It is to be noted you have to be very careful, while using these tools. You must watch video manual twice or thrice, before applying these tools over your iPhone. When you are working with these tools, patience is the key.

iPhone repair tools + Spares

This is yet another set of iPhone repairing tools. The cost of this set of tools is amazingly low. By expensing only a 5$, you can grab these essential tools. Have a quick look over the product features:

  • A replacement glass is included into the kit. It has been noted that the screen glass is the most vulnerable part of iPhone for damages due to shock or sudden drop. Thus, replacement glass is catered for free of cost.
  • The kit also contains 3 adhesives, LED lights, and some other tools
  • A video manual is provided to the users to get familiar with the tools easily.

Screen Glass Replacement Tools

As stated earlier, screen glass of the iPhone is very sensitive and vulnerable for damages. Thus, we often require repairing or servicing for the screen. This is a set of amazing tools that would aid you to repair your iPhone screen glass with precision. The cost is quite within the range of everyone as it is around 8$ only. Also the kit includes two pry tools. User guideline for the tools, is quite hassle free to understand. Overall, the kit is worth for buying.

iPhone 3G Home Flex Cable

Except from the first generation of iPhone, this cable is compatible with all other versions of iPhone. It comes with repair tools too. Here are the features:

  • This is a brand new product and worth to try. It is compatible with most of the iPHone versions.
  • It is a genuine Apple product, thus you do not have the concern about its compatibility with your iPhone.
  • There are some repair tools too, which are very handy to do some little repair jobs.

The price for this piece of tool kit is around 0.8$.

iPhone 3G repair kit

Brand new, handy and a complete set of iPhone repair tools. The kit includes the following things:

  • Flex
  • Charger
  • Speaker
  • Antenna
  • Mic

The replacement parts of this kit are genuine and the repair tools are quite convenient to use. A microfiber cleaning cloth is also catered by the kit maker. This cloth will help to clean away the dust particles with precision.

Maximal Power Battery with Change Tool Kit

It includes the excellent set of tools that are essential and convenient to use for changing iPhone battery. The tool is compatible with almost all version of iPhone. Price is quite within the range. Generally you would get this set of tools by expensing only 19 dollars. Being guaranteed by the maker for 3 years, the kit is worthy enough to buy.