Just when we thought we had seen the best smartphone with the iPhone 4S’ release in October last year, Samsung decided to use one more trick up their sleeve; the Samsung Galaxy S3. And this was just that one shot they needed to take command of the android market by storm.

Major Features

  • Smart Call
  • Samsung S voice personal assistant
  • Tracking friend’s whereabouts using SNS
  • Powers on through eye detection

Calling the Samsung Galaxy S3 a Smartphone is a huge understatement. This groundbreaking communication gadget is more of a personal assistant, it’s a travel buddy that goes with you wherever you want and it can actually hold a conversation with you.

We thought iPhone had killed it when they brought their personal assistance Siri into the android market. However Samsung responded with their pretty personal assistant as well; the Galaxy S voice. Now you don’t need to answer a phone call by the press of a button, the Galaxy S3 assistant will pick up your calls and connect you to your friends. You can ask her when to wake you up and she gladly sets the alarm for you and so loyally responds in the morning.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 has outdone itself as well in coming with the sleekest and smoothest design ever seen on a smartphone. Galaxy S3 is only 70.6 by 136.6 by 8.6mm in width, length and thickness. It weighs about 133g making it both hand and pocket friendly for carrying around. Samsung decided to give the Galaxy S3 a smooth pebble blue finish and an alternative of marble white; two amazing colors we never got to see in a Smartphone before.

What about screen quality and dimensions? The iPhone 4S doesn’t come any close to the full HD Super Amoled touch capacitive display. The Galaxy S3 screen is 4 inches in size which surpasses that of the iPhone which is only 3.5 inches. Super Amoled technology gives this phone clarity beyond imagination; not only are the whites whiter and other colors deep contrasted but they are also full HD quality. It’s almost like you can reach over and touch the icons by hand!

The Samsung Galaxy S3 runs on the latest android platform, version v4 0.4 or, as nicknamed, Ice Cream Sandwich. This exposes you to a world of amazing apps thanks to the ready Android market plus the interface is easier to interact with. Galaxy S3 is powered by a standard Li-Ion 2100Ah battery and can be on standby up to 590h and talk time of 21h.

To give the phone an edge on running and execution of apps, the Galaxy S3 is fitted with a Quad-Core CPU with processing speeds up to 1.4 GHz. Such processing speed, quadrupled mark you, makes running your apps super fast; including data processing and internet browsing. The Smart Samsung Galaxy also comes with built in Wi-Fi support and can also function as your own personal hotspot just by activating the settings. It also includes GPRS, EDGE, GSM and also runs on 4G depending on the market.

A high-selling Smartphone can never be complete until it incorporates a high pixel camera to its specs. The Samsung Galaxy doesn’t shy away from giving you the best of photo moments; it packs a cool 8MP back camera on the rear and a 1.9MP cam on the front. Complete with auto-focus, LED flash and Zero Shutter lag, this is the whole package to shoot and capture life’s cherished moments in video and photo. You have the choice of switching from portrait or landscape views thanks to the built in accelerometer. Google mobile services are inclusive just so you can upload or download, navigate using the Google maps, chat with your friends via G Talk or read your favorite PDF novels via Google playbooks.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 puts lots of high-end tweaks and apps all into one to serve you in the most diligent way possible. But the highlight of the Galaxy S3 has to be the Smart services tucked inside to make it an almost hands-free device. The Smart Social Tag application tracks all the friends in your contacts and gives you regular updates on what they are up to via SNS. With the Smart Direct Call app, you don’t need to cancel SMS text and go through your phonebook to call instead; just lift the phone to your ear and the Smartphone automatically calls your pal for you.

You can bet a fortune that all eyes have been diverted from the iPhone 4S to the new Samsung Galaxy S3. With what we have seen in the spec, we can truly say this is a Smartphone inspired by nature to serve humans. You can ask the phone to pick your calls, take photos for you and it goes to sleep with you as well. You only need to stare at the screen to activate the interface on.

With a Smartphone that literally does the entire job for you, perhaps the only thing the Samsung Galaxy S3 cannot do is fix your breakfast.