The Xperia line of Smartphones continues to dazzle us each year with something fresh out the production box. This year we have been privileged to meet the acquaintance of the Sony Xperia Neo L released in June this year.

Highlight Features:

  • Latest android version, Ice cream Sandwich
  • 4 inch LCD display
  • Cool apps and specs at a bargain price

As usual Sony likes to keep it simple on the outside designs while still maintaining a smooth profile. The Sony Xperia Neo L is available in black or white; and it’s also possible to get the phone in a black front and a white rear.

The inside specifications are just what you need in a modern day droid phone. Less physical keypad and more of touch, the latest android version to ran apps, ready access to the android market, quick shortcuts to the internet…Xperia Neo L pretty much covers the basics that give it a voice in the consumer market.

We are pleased that the Sony Xperia Neo L runs on the latest android version, ice cream sandwich or v4.0.3. Internal processing speed is 1GHz thanks to the Scorpion CPU with a Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset. This means faster video calling, internet browsing and running most of the favorite apps like games. Sony also agreed on adding their UI charm, Netscape. Netscape UI has a way of displaying your photos in a glorious sweep plus organizes your icons and tools in a way no other droid brand can beat.

Of course there will always be those treasured moments you would love to keep nostalgic through HD pictures. Now the Sony Xperia Neo L makes it possible with its high quality 5megapixel camera complete with LED flash and autofocus. This is just to make sure you don’t get blurry but highly defined pictures plus you have a whole 1GB of internal memory to store as many pics as you can. A microSD slot is also available for additional storage space for all your images, music, videos and extra content.

The Sony Xperia L is Wi-Fi enabled meaning it can pick any wireless connection within an estimated range. On the other hand, it can be your own personal hotspot when you need that internet connection.  With a speed of upto 7.2 Mbps, your browsing is made faster with the internal browser, Edge having a speed of upto 237kbps. The browser has Adobe Flash which makes you able to view pdf files and documents on your phone.

Any good phone must have the basics. These include messaging through sms, MMS, Email, IM and Push Email with predictive text input. It is also Bluetooth enabled and a USB connection. The Bluetooth connects with other phones or computers for data sharing whether its music or photos. The micro USB port allows connection with hardware such as computers through a USB cable.

For the music lovers the Sony Xperia L can play a wide variety of formats including Mp3, Mp4, WAV and WMA just to mention a few. TrackID music recognition is also an added advantage. With a 3.5mm jack which means you can connect headphones of your choice or even play it on loudspeaker if you please. Along with that the phone also has SNS integration hence you can keep in touch through your social sites whether it’s Facebook, Twitter or Picasa. They are all just a click away when you have the urge to say ‘what’s on your mind’ or ‘what’s happening’. The battery life lasts upto 37hours music play so you don’t have to worry about battery power.

The LCD 4.0” inches touch screen is capacitive and facilitates multi-touch abilities to four fingers.  So now you have a wide enough screen that accommodates a number of features all at the same time. Plus you get the background illuminated using LED back light giving a crystal clear interface on the LCD display.

Sony decided to be simple in design but still deliver remarkably on the internal and external specs. The Sony Xperia Neo L comes with a clean 4 inch display which we can say gives a wider view of the phone details compared to some of the droid phones we have in the market. Plus the fact that it runs on Ice Cream Sandwich puts it way ahead. Sony also decided to give this droid phone their special blessing of Timescape UI; which is great in organizing phone applications on the screen. And you would not believe how amazing photos and videos are organized when view through Timescape.

Sony Xperia Neo L measures about 121 by 61.1 by 12.2 mm in dimensions making it compact enough to fit in your pocket and almost inconspicuous when carrying it. It also weighs about 131.5 grams which feels light on your hand so using the phone isn’t much of a fuss.

The Sony Xperia Neo L would be a nice phone to welcome you to the droid world; and once you go android, you can never go back.